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Newz Hook

Simple and brief news which you can Read, Listen and see in Sign Language.

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Why Newz Hook?

Don't have time, just want a summary of the key happening in the world. We write simple and easy to understand news! Come and read Newz Hook!

Get news how you like it! You can read the news, listen to it with a screen reader, see a sign language video, and view it in high contrast with different text sizes.

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Our Story

Most news portals and mobile apps are inaccessible to people with disabilities and the elderly. Newz Hook aims to provide simple and accurate news that matters to everyone of us, but differently.

We aim to include:

  • You and me who don't have time to read a full newspaper
  • Our grandparents who find it difficult to read small print
  • Young adults who don't want 400 words but yet want to know what's happening in the world
  • Visually impaired who use a screen reader
  • People who are hearing impaired for whom sign language is their language

In short, Newz Hook is for all of us!