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Category: Get Hooked

Date: Apr 29, 2017

The stress of managing parenting responsibilities with the demands of work makes it sometimes difficult for many parents to achieve a balance in their personal and professional lives.

Here are some tips to balance parenting and work stress:

Think about your professional strengths and have confidence in them to meet your working-parent challenges.

Accept that every working parent is different and you cannot follow or do the way others manage their work and parenting responsibilities.

Plan your calendar every week and analyse your tasks that you could have avoided or done differently at work. This will help you to get some more time to work on household tasks or spend quality time with family.

Use technology to allow you to complete your office work and house-work on time. For example, the calendars, apps, reminders, to-do lists can be used for managing both personal and work lives.

Have backup plans ready for possible problems like caregivers getting sick, clients’ increasing demands at work and other immediate needs.

Working parenthood is a tough challenge for anyone but it has no magical solution. But keeping yourself motivated will help you to come up with creative ways to overcome short-term problems and achieve balance in the working-parent journey.

Category: Get Hooked

Date: Apr 29, 2017

Director - Lasse Hallström

Cast - Britt Robertson, KJ Apa, Juliet Rylance, John Ortiz, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Peggy Lipton, Dennis Quaid and Josh Gad.

A hearing perspective:

American film ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ is a movie from a dog’s perspective. It has comedy, drama and adventure.

The film starts with a young boy Ethan who saves a dog and names him Bailey.

Ethan and Bailey enjoy being together and form a strong bond of love and care for each other.

As years pass, Ethan grows into a big and strong high school football player who falls in love with his classmate Hannah.

Due to a sudden turn of events, Ethan badly fractures his leg which makes him feel low and he breaks off his relationship with Hannah.

After sometime, an aged Bailey slowly dies at the hospital after a teary goodbye with Ethan.

The film surprises the audience when Bailey takes a new birth not once, but thrice, as Ellie, Tino and Buddy.

Each time, he is born again, the film shows his story from life to death, except in the life as Buddy, where he meets his original owner Ethan again.

The film shows how dogs teach humans to laugh, love and live.

There were lots of cuteness and emotional moments in this film.

I simply forgot myself and got immersed in the film for one hour and half hour.

The film deserves all the appreciation and support for its beautiful direction, awesome storyline and lovely dogs.

The film is an amazing experience to see life differently. Go for this and you won’t regret. :)

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    Category: Get Hooked

    Date: Apr 29, 2017

    Shalini Saraswathi lost both her arms and legs to a rare form of bacterial infection on returning from a vacation in Cambodia.

    This did not come in the way of her strong will and positive spirit. Shalini is now a blade runner and has run in races including the TCS 10k race in Bengaluru last year.

    She overcame her anger and frustration and decided to live her life to the fullest. She started running and was soon taking part in races and winning them.

    Shalini says that with or without limbs she has the power to live her life the way she wants to.

    Category: Get Hooked

    Date: Apr 29, 2017

    Mastanamma is a 106-year-old chef from Andhra Pradesh, who has become famous for her YouTube videos.

    Her videos are posted on the channel 'Country Foods’ and she has over two lakh and fifty thousand subscribers.

    She cooks her dishes on an old fashioned stove and uses traditional methods of cooking. She cooks dishes like watermelon chicken and emu eggs with coconut shells.

    Mastanamma’s videos show her simplicity and her smiling face is charming to watch as she cooks in the open. She has learnt the recipes on her own and is a self-taught cook.

    Her energy and wish to be independent at this age is truly amazing.

    Category: Get Hooked

    Date: Apr 29, 2017

    I was a Dental Surgeon for six years. In 2004 I lost my central vision due to macular degeneration and had to discontinue my practice.

    During this period, I realized dependency is the biggest trauma that People with Disabilities face. So I thought of a platform where this dependency can be cured. This is how Sarthak came into being.

    Through our Early Intervention and Inclusive Education initiatives, we have reached out to over 700 people with disabilities, and over 300 of them are children with special needs.

    At the Sarthak Skill Development Centres, we have successfully trained 4,550 PwDs candidates in the sectors of tourism and hospitality, organized retail, and IT/ ITes with the extended support of your prominent funding partners like Tech Mahindra Foundation, National Skill Development Corporation, Capgemini, Microsoft, and many others.

    We have also organized over 100 job fairs in 21 states to provide employment opportunities to those people with disabilities who already have the required skills. Through these job fairs and skill centers, over 7,200 PwDs have found employment in more than 300+ corporate houses viz,. Aegis, Genpact, Hotel Lemon Tree, Starwoods, Tata Westside, Vodafone, Airtel, and others. We envisage to empower 20,000 People with Disabilities by the year 2020.

    About the Writer

    Dr Jitendra Aggarwal is the founder & CEO of Sarthak Educational Trust and Secretary General, National Abilympic Association of India. He is working on the principle of empowering PwD through Intervention, Inclusive Education, Skill Development, Placement, and Advocacy Generation.

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      Category: Get Hooked

      Date: Apr 29, 2017

      Ganjam Venkatasubbaiah is a scholar based in Bengaluru and has been studying the Kannada language most of his life. He was born in 1913 and is 103 years old now.

      He is the creator of the first detailed Kannada dictionary, a project that took 54 years to complete.

      He is also fluent in Sanskrit, English and is still continued working to improve the dictionary as new words need to be added frequently.

      Venkatasubbaiah has worked as a critic of literature and translator for several years. His knowledge of the history of Kannada language is vast. Venkatasubbaiah’s dedication for the growth of Kannada is inspirational.

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      Category: Get Hooked

      Date: Apr 29, 2017

      Midnight cycle ride event for the deaf was participated by more than 50 youngsters and adults from Mumbai, Pune and Orrisa.

      The deaf participants started the cycle ride from Colaba at midnight and relaxed after reaching Worli. The participants started the cycle ride again from Worli and reached back to Colaba in the early morning.

      The deaf participants enjoyed and had a good experience in the cycle ride.

      “The idea of deaf cycling came from Yadnesh Maladkar, who contacted a cycling company for support and they said they would be willing to support and encourage the deaf so they enjoy cycling.

      Cycling has many benefits. It is an activity that the deaf can enjoy. They can be out in the open and enjoy the fresh air.

      I am very excited that the event brought together deaf people for the first time in Mumbai and spread awareness to the hearing people.

      We hope the event encourages other associations to hold such events in their areas.

      Cycling is healthy and takes one away from video games that are not good for health.

      Cycling will help them stay in good physical and mental health.

      Overall, the event was attended by 70 deaf participants and 7 volunteers. We hope to have more participants next time”, said Rushabh Bhansali, an ex-committee member of Yuva Association of the Deaf (YAD) Mumbai.

      Yadnesh Maladkar and Anup Jha, members of YAD were happy with the event response and made sure the cycle ride went smoothly.

      About the Writer:

      The review has been written by Arti Umrotkar who is a member of the Sign Language team at Newz Hook.

      About the event:

      Deaf Cycling Midnight is a midnight cycle ride for the deaf, organized by the Yuva Association of the Deaf (YAD) in Mumbai. The idea of the event is to break the myths about deaf people and let the city know that those who cannot hear can also be safe riders.

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        Category: Get Hooked

        Date: Apr 28, 2017

        Lalithkumar Natarajan, a 37-year-old paraplegic from Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, is going to ride 4,200 km from Kanyakumari to Khardung La, on his customised bike.

        He aims to create awareness on the rights of people with disabilities, and to inform them about services they can get for free through his NGO.

        Natarajan lost partial sensation and mobility beneath the waist when he was 11 years old due to transverse myelitis. He depends on his arms for everything.

        He plans to start a chain of centres across India for disability education, employment, advocacy and rehabilitation under his NGO called Love and Acceptance.

        He says these centres will be able to provide medical help, physiotherapy, assistance in training and jobs, and also impart information on spinal injuries, autism, Down’s syndrome and stroke patients.

        His NGO has helped over 150 people by giving them equipment free of cost. Natarajan will cover the journey in 15 days and plans to meet PM Modi in Delhi.

        Category: Get Hooked

        Date: Apr 28, 2017

        Mikayla Holmgren, who will contest the Miss Minnesota USA pageant, has an impressive resume. She has participated in many beauty contests, is a triple athlete and mentors women with Down syndrome like her.

        22-year-old Mikayla will be the first woman with Down syndrome to compete in the state pageant, and is also the first in the US.

        Her participation shows how far ideas of body acceptance and different beauty ideals are making their presence felt in fashion shows, beauty contests and TV.

        In February this year, designers hired people with disabilities to model their clothes at New York Fashion Week. This shows that contests are becoming accessible for all.

        Mikayla has always been determined to prove that her disability does not define her. She has always been a 'go-getter' and achieved more than many people can even dream of.

        Category: Get Hooked

        Date: Apr 26, 2017

        Aaditi Badam, who is a physiotherapist based in Ghaziabad, has left her career to use her skills to help animals that have disabilities to start walking again.

        Aditi decided to do this after an animal doctor advised her to put a pup with spinal injury to sleep. She looked after the pup and within six months, it was walking again.

        She decided to rescue injured animals, and also participate in awareness drives and fight for the rights of abandoned animals.

        Due to lack of facilities in India, 90% of paralysed dogs are either put to sleep, or lack care. She has decided to make sure they have a chance to heal.

        Her NGO, POSH Foundation, works in rescuing stray animals, fighting for their rights, and creating awareness among the public. Her goal is to start a physiotherapy centre for animals that offers professional care for pets that are injured or have disabilities.

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