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Category: Get Hooked

Date: Mar 27, 2017

Paid non-medical care for senior citizens who stay alone is becoming common these days.

Aaji Care, an organisation from Mumbai offers monthly non-medical care packages for senior citizens.

For example, once a senior citizen signs up for a package, a volunteer will come to his or her home once every few days just to talk to him or her.

The volunteer will take the senior citizen to a wedding or party or to the doctor, to the bank or for shopping so he or she does not have to go alone.

The idea is to engage senior citizens in daily activities and reduce their loneliness.

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Category: Get Hooked

Date: Mar 27, 2017

12-year-old Sabari Venkat is passionate about his interests and he does not let anything come in his way of pursuing them.

At the age of three years, Venkat suffered from retinal detachment. It is a condition where the retina is separated from its attachment within the eye, which affects the vision. Sabari has no vision in his right eye, and his left eye has partial vision.

Sabari is well known as speaker who gives encouraging talks. As he was growing up he would listen to the verses of Swami Vivekananda and would write the meaning of the verses as well.

He has given more than 150 speeches which revolve around self-confidence. He has also won over 30 awards for his various skills and has been awarded the prestigious ‘Creative Child with Disabilities’ title by the government of India.

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Category: Get Hooked

Date: Mar 27, 2017

19-year-old Simran Mecwan, a wrestler from Gujarat, has won the silver in the Asian Sub-Junior Wrestling Championship held in Delhi in January this year.

She was awarded Rs 11 Lakh, a Hyundai i20, and a bungalow in Gujarat.

She has donated all of this to an NGO in Delhi that works towards the benefit of the children with physical disabilities.

She was motivated to give away the prize money to support children who want to achieve in life but cannot because of their disabilities.

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Category: Get Hooked

Date: Mar 27, 2017

The Nightingales Empowerment Foundation in Bengaluru has started job fairs for senior citizens.

The idea is to connect healthy, willing and employable senior citizens to interested employers.

Physically fit senior citizens between 60 to 70 years of age who want to work and earn for their living participated in the first one held recently.

The NGO’s Jobs60+ project also provides a one-month computer and soft-skills training course to senior citizens.

It also runs a job portal called for the benefit of senior citizens.

Category: Get Hooked

Date: Mar 26, 2017

A blind perspective:

Anshai Lal’s directorial debut Phillauri is a light-hearted love story having the idea of an unplanned wedding between a human and a ghost, taken from the 2005 animated movie Corpse Bride.

However, writer Anvita Dutt comes with the concept of love in two separate time frames, today’s new age couple and the love of a century before.

Kanan (Suraj Sharma) aptly portrays the confused and staggered NRI through his voice modulation.

Anu (Mehreen Pirzada) makes her debut with the film and pulls off the Amritsar girl. She dreams of nothing more than a ‘happily ever after’ with Kanan.

Shashi (Anushka Sharma), the bride in spirit, is superb in all the frames, especially in the flashback. She is also the producer for the film.

Diljit Dosanjh compliments well for his character and performs the transformation quite well.

Director captures the lavish Punjabi wedding spirit and the pre-independence era very well and easily takes us to Phillaur, Punjab from the chair!

Phillauri’s poetry, Diljit’s voice, Shashi-the friendly ghost and especially the song Sahiban are beautiful things of this film.

However, for visually impaired audience, narrative shifts between Shashi’s past and Kanan’s present seem abrupt.

Silent comedy comes in for few scenes such as Kanan’s first brush with Shashi, Anu’s introduction to Shashi, and confuses the visually impaired audience.

Scenes in the film continue for longer than required. The film has soulful music but plays at the same time with dialogues.

Conceptually, Phillauri is a winner but you get what you see in the trailer.

Does Shashi have an unfulfilled love story? What’s her connection to Phillauri lies in the past.

For regular movie-goers, Phillauri is a good watch!

A sighted perspective:

Phillauri is a typical Bollywood love story of Shashi (Anushka Sharma) and Roop Lal / Phillauri (Diljit Dosanjh) who meet in the town of Phillaur in Punjab in 1919.

Phillauri has a great voice and is famous among his people for singing entertaining but meaningless songs.

Shashi motivates Phillauri to use her poems in his songs to give life advice to his people.

Phillauri and Shashi eventually fall in love but the twist in the story comes when Phillauri doesn’t turn up on the day of their marriage.

Shashi gets the shock of her life and kills herself.

In 2017, a young man Kanan (Suraj Sharma) meets Shashi who is now a friendly ghost.

Kanan’s marriage is fixed with his love Anu (Mehreen Pirzada) but he is confused about his future.

The way Shashi helps Kanan solve his confusion and in return Kanan helps Shashi find out what happened to Phillauri forms the remaining part of the story.

The chemistry of Diljit and Anushka is average, though both have given their best.

The film is a feel-good entertainer. It isn’t a movie for those looking for in-depth meaning of life. Just go for laughs, enjoy, relax and come back!

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    Category: Get Hooked

    Date: Mar 26, 2017

    36-year-old Iftkhar Ali, a former student of IIM quit his corporate job to become the owner of ALIQAN technologies. It is a startup company based in New Delhi.

    Life wasn’t easy for Iftkhar who was diagnosed with polio at the age of one.

    But Iftkhar overcame his disability and worked hard to achieve his dreams.

    His parents total support made Iftkhar believe that he can achieve anything in life.

    He hopes that the country understands the problem of disabled citizens and makes the environment more accessible to them.

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    Category: Get Hooked

    Date: Mar 26, 2017

    20-year-old Maulen Akhmetov from Kazakhstan is set to open a social café as supportive workplace for youth with mental disabilities.

    The café aims at giving jobs to people with mental disorders, promote charity and create social awareness.

    The café will develop the idea of social responsibility by reducing food waste, cooperating with animal shelter organizations and reducing plastic waste.

    The cafe will be a good opportunity for people with mental disabilities to break through barriers and lead a happy and independent life.

    Maulen also hopes that the café will remove the stigma about people suffering from mental illness in the society.

    Category: Get Hooked

    Date: Mar 26, 2017

    Linda Camann, a piano teacher from the United States uses the power of music to empower her students.

    Mrs Camann was left paralyzed at the age of 2 because of a virus.

    But she didn’t let her disability stop her from achieving what she wants in life.

    Mrs Camann runs music classes and works with both abled and disabled children.

    This gives a chance to abled-bodied children to learn music and work with children with disabilities and vice-versa.

    She inspires others to focus on what one can do, instead of what one cannot.

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    Category: Get Hooked

    Date: Mar 25, 2017

    Ketan Aggarwal, an Indian-origin man in the United Kingdom, has sued his gym for not changing the music that was playing after he complained about it. Instead, the gym manager insulted him in front of everyone else by calling him stupid.

    Two year later, Aggarwal showed that while he may be autistic, he was not stupid. He studied law and sued the multi-million dollar gym company in court, and won.

    Aggarwal said that he felt he was being targeted because of his autism. He borrowed law books from the library and represented himself in court to argue that he had been a victim of disability harassment. The company was ordered to pay him the legal costs and compensation, and apologize.

    Aggarwal said he filed a case not for the money but for the principle.

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    Category: Get Hooked

    Date: Mar 25, 2017

    A research says that employees who telecommute or work-from-home are more likely to love their job as compared to those who spend a 9 AM to 6 PM routine in office.

    This may be because there is freedom to complete the work as per a flexible schedule which helps achieve work-life balance.

    Here are some tips to convince your boss to let you work remotely:

    You need to communicate clearly and give valid reasons for requesting a work-from-home position.

    Explain your value to your boss that you will be more productive and creative while working from home with less distractions.

    Think about useful solutions for the possible concerns your boss may have about you working remotely.

    Keep in mind that good work ethics and clarity are important to be successful at a work-from-home position.

    Make sure that you and your boss have similar expectations about regular office hours and availability.

    Be honest and more specific about how you will manage work from home and remain a part of the team, improve creativity and productivity, and complete your work within the given time limit.

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