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#BeingMom - Vinayana Khurana's creative side was enhanced by mother Neerja

In our month-long campaign, #BeingMom, we bring you the story of Neerja Sharma Khurana, mother to budding poet and writer Vinayana Khurana.

When daughter Vinayana was diagnosed with a disability at six months, relatives urged Neerja Sharma Khurana and her husband to visit temples and approach babas to “cure” her daughter.

Advice that Neerja ignored, She knew exactly what Vinayana needed and made sure she got it, starting with the correct diagnosis. Vinayana was taken to a few doctors after her parents noticed the difficulty she had in undergoing some physical movements. Neerja decided to take Vinayana to the Spastics Society in Delhi and it is here that she was diagnosed properly.

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