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Four life insurers with best claim settlement ratio in India

Claim settlement ratio (CSR) is an indicator of the death claims settled by an insurance company in a financial year. It is calculated as the total number of claims the company received to the number of claims settled. If an insurance provider has received 100 claims and settled 97 of them, the claim settlement ratio of that enterprise will be 97%. Checking the CSR of any insurance company is the best way to judge the efficiency of their claim settlement process. The ratio is a measure of the reliability Read More...

Get-hooked August 8, 2019

Move to include mental illness in medical insurance cover welcomed

Insurance companies have been directed to cover treatments for mental illness on the same basis as is available for treatment of physical illness, a move in line with provisions of the Mental Health Care Act. A year after the Mental Health Care Act came into effect in India, one of its key provisions looks set to be implemented. This is Section 21(4) of the Act that says every medical insurer must provide coverage for treatment of mental illness on the same basis as is available for treatment of physical Read More...

Accessibility June 2, 2019

Supreme Court ruling on insurance payments for disabled children a step in the right direction

A landmark move and a progressive one. That is the response to the Supreme Court ruling that says insurance policies taken by parents or guardians for disabled children should be allowed to mature once the proposer turns 55 years old. What this means is that the child will no longer have to wait until the policyholder is dead to get access to the payment. It is a positive step, say experts as it ensures the welfare of disabled people who are dependent and may need financial help when their parents age Read More...

Accessibility January 5, 2019

Here is some information about welfare schemes for people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Thousands of children in India are affected by ASD- Autistic Spectrum Disorder that affects their behavior and communication skill. Children and people with ASD can have a variety of symptoms and signs. Some children can be nonverbal while others disorders such as OCD. ASD is now covered under the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act 2016-RPWD Act 2016. It means that people with the Autistic Spectrum Disorder are to get special benefits that are their rights as per the law. There are some schemes Read More...

Get-hooked November 6, 2018

Autistic children to get health insurance

Star Health and Allied Insurance have launched a group insurance policy for children having Autism Spectrum Disease (ASD). ASD and autism are general terms for a group of disorders of brain development. These have different features like difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and recurring behaviors. 241 children from Sankalp, an NGO in Chennai, have been covered under the scheme so far. This is a welcome move as children with autism and are denied health insurance, most of Read More...

Get-hooked April 20, 2016

Don't play too safe with your money, consider ways to invest smartly

Most of us put off investing when we start working because the impression is you need a lot of money to do that. That's not true, You can start with as little as ₹ 500 a month. What is needed to grow your money is good, steady, and consistent habits like putting away a certain amount every month so that going ahead you are stronger, financially. You may miss small amounts of money now and then but in the long run you will thank yourself. Another notion about investing that many people have is that it's Read More...

Get-hooked September 2, 2019

#GetMoneywise - Don't play too safe with your money, look at ways to invest smartly

Most of us put off investing when we start working because the impression is you need a lot of money to do that. That’s not true, You can start with as little as Rs 500- 1,000 a month. What is needed to grow your money is good, steady, and consistent habits like putting away a certain amount every month so that going ahead you are stronger, financially. You may miss small amounts of money now and then but in the long run you will thank yourself. Another notion about investing that many people have is Read More...

Get-hooked April 12, 2019

Niramaya - Health Insurance for people with disabilities

Today we look at Niramaya, one of the schemes under the National Trust Act for people with disabilities. About Niramaya This scheme offers affordable health insurance to people with autism, cerebral palsy, and multiple disabilities. Health insurance cover of up to Rs one lakh on the basis of reimbursement. Single premium across age band. Provide same coverage irrespective of the type of disability covered under the National Trust Act Covers transportation costs No pre-insurance medical tests Read More...

Get-hooked April 17, 2018

Uber India to offer life, disability, medical insurance to driver partners

Uber is set to roll out an insurance programme for over 4.5 lakh of its driver-partners in India in partnership with ICICI Lombard General Insurance. The programme will be given for free to driver-partners aged 18-65 years. The insurance offered will cover accidental death and disability, hospitalization and outpatient medical treatment in case of an accident while the driver-partner is using the Uber app. The coverage includes Rs 5 lakh in the event of death, up to Rs 5 lakh for permanent disability, up Read More...

Get-hooked September 1, 2017

#GetMoneywise - Let disability not keep you from taking charge of your finances

Starting today is our weekly series #GetMoneywise, where we talk about financial matters from a disability perspective. Financial planning is important for everyone, disabled or not. But people with disabilities need to plan better keeping their specific needs in mind. More importantly, they need to plan for themselves and not depend entirely on their families. Amar Jain, a Mumbai-based investment lawyer, was about 15 years old when his parents started talking to him about financial matters and the Read More...

Get-hooked April 5, 2019

Kerala wheelchair users hopeful of getting their rights after meet with ministers

Members of All Kerala Wheelchair Rights Federation had an important meeting with Kerala ministers KK Shailaja and T P Ramakrishnan. They submitted a petition focusing on seven points relating to employment and accessibility rights. Time to translate words into action. That was the All Kerala Wheelchair Rights Federation (AKWRF) put across at a meeting with K K Shailaja, Minister of Health and Social Welfare and T P Ramakrishnan, Minister for Labour and Excise at an important meeting in the state capital. Read More...

Get-hooked July 4, 2019

Film by Diversity Dialogues hopes to trigger mindful conversations about workplace mental health

In recent years, there’s a growing focus on improving workplace mental health. What’s missing is insight that would help companies take this up in a mindful, meaningful way. A conversation that a film by the collective, Diversity Dialogues, is looking to create. How employees feel, think, and behave has a profound impact on productivity levels at the workplace. Therefore, helping employees improve their mental health is critical for the concerned individual as well as the health of any organisation. Read More...

Get-hooked June 10, 2019

#GetMoneywise - Financial planning mistakes parents with disabled children typically make

Raising a child with a disability brings with it not just emotional challenges, but also financial ones. The needs vary, depending on the kind of disability. Children with learning disabilities can be helped out with certain accommodations in school, while those with severe cognitive or developmental disabilities would need extensive therapies, medication, even 24-hour care. In these circumstances, it becomes crucial for parents to plan for the future in such a way that the child has the resources to live Read More...

Get-hooked April 19, 2019

Consider loss of internal organs as disability, orders Madras High Court

The Madras High Court has ruled that loss of internal organs is a permanent disability, a ruling that will bring with some significant changes. Until now the Workmen’s Compensation Act only considered loss of external organs as grounds for seeking compensation. This is set to change with the court ordering the government to make necessary amendments to the Employees State Insurance (ESI) Act. The new order will allow workers to seek compensation in case they lose internal organs or suffer internal Read More...

Get-hooked April 16, 2019

PM Modi starts personal outreach ahead of elections

Ahead of the national election, lakhs of households across India are receiving a personalized letter from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This is as theAyushman Bharat - PM Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY) touches the 100-day mark. This is the largest government-funded healthcare program. About eight crore letters have been printed at a cost of Rs 15.75 crore by the central government. The letter, which has two sheets, comes in an envelope marked Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana and has details of other major Read More...

Headlines January 26, 2019

Kerala NGO for disabled people to launch statewide campaign to push for benefits from government

The Society for Rehabilitation of the Differently Abled (SRDA) is an organization of disabled people, their parents and rehabilitation workers in Kerala. It plans to launch a statewide campaign to push the government to provide them with the benefits they are eligible for. The SRDA chairman Shahul Hameed Madavoor has said that disabled people in Kerala are not being paid financial aid under projects such as Ashwasakiranam and Swavlamban. Ashwasakiranam is a state-funded project to aid helpers of people Read More...

Employment April 12, 2018

Heavy fines for traffic violations come into effect

Under the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2019, get set to pay higher traffic penalties from this month onwards. The Bill was cleared by Parliament in August and aims to ensure people who violate traffic rules now fear to do so. An "intelligent traffic system" will monitor offences, said Union Minister Nitin Gadkari.Now offences like the use of mobiles, jumping traffic lights and driving on the wrong lane are categorised as "dangerous driving". Penal provisions have been made more stringent for Read More...

Headlines September 2, 2019

Countdown begins for Miss Kerala Special 2019 for young models with intellectual disabilities

The Junior Chamber International (JCI) Thrissur, is all set to organise ‘Miss Kerala Special 2019’, an event for young girls with intellectual disabilities. After their first successful audition in Thrissur, organisers are gearing up to hold auditions in other parts of Kerala as well. They have roped in best names from fashion industry to groom contestants before the finale scheduled for 21 September. Checking out fashion and following latest trends can be fun. It is even more so when you walk Read More...

Get-hooked September 1, 2019

Gorgeous Ghagras in Comfortable Fabrics for Kids with Autism

All young girls love to dress up in ghagras or lehengas and with the festive season kicking off, brands have some gorgeous designs in a variety of colours, prints and fabrics. For kids with autism or intellectual disabilities who can be sensitive to fabrics, we have put together a selection in cotton and cotton silk with no sequins or pokey buttons. Something that Sumathi Raghu is always looking for Prajakta, her 13-year-old daughter who loves to wear ghagras. Every festive season, they are Read More...

Lifestyle August 29, 2019

New Motor Vehicles Bill has tough penalties

The new Motor Vehicles Bill has tougher penalties and heavy fines for road violations. The Bill is one step close to becoming a law after it cleared in the Rajya Sabha this week. It has already been cleared in the Lok Sabha. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has said the Bill once enacted will instil fear in people who break traffic rules because there will now be an intelligent traffic system to monitor offences. Congratulating every citizen on passing of 'The motor vehicle amendment bill' which will pave way Read More...

Headlines August 2, 2019


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