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This Bharatanatyam dancer's story is an inspiration

Nandita Venkatesan, an accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer and TEDx speaker, is an inspiration to many. Behind her story is a tale of courage and determination.

27-year-old Nandita is deaf and is able to understand what people are saying by reading their lips. Nandita was not born deaf but suffered hearing loss as a side effect to a life-saving anti-tuberculosis drug prescribed to her.

Nandita was diagnosed with TB in 2007 in her first year of college. Over the course of her treatment, she lost 90% of her hearing. She pulled off her Bharatnatyam performance despite her hearing disability, inspiring many others.

She was invited to be a TEDx speaker in Jaipur and later this year she will speak at the prestigious McGill University in Canada.

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