Easy and interesting tips to use WhatsApp

Messaging app WhatsApp is the most famous app in India. It offers many features that make chats easier and more fun.

WhatsApp’s latest update provides text formatting options such as bold, italics and strikethrough. WhatsApp users can just select what they want to format and select the option to choose if they want to use bold or italicize part of the text.

WhatsApp users can forward the same message to many users and groups at once. Users can just select the message; tap the forward button, and long-press to select the contacts and groups.

WhatsApp’s broadcast feature allows users to send the message to upto 256 contacts at once. Android users can tap the menu button on the top right of the screen, select the New Broadcast option, and select the contacts one wants to send the message to.

WhatsApp’s GIF search feature allows selecting from Giphy’s huge library to send to one’s contacts. Android users can select a GIF, open the emoji keyboard and tap on the GIF button. On the bottom-left of the screen, one can see the search icon; just tap that and search for the best GIF to make the chats more interesting.

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