Technology comes to the aid of vision impaired elderly

Elderly people with visual impairments face many difficulties in their day to day lives. There are many products that can come to their help.

A screen reader is a software that reads out written text on a display. It uses Text-to-Speech technology that can keep the visually impaired be informed and more independent. They can use the technology on computers as writing and reading tools and even on their smartphones and tablets.

Optical Character Recognition converts scanned images into text which can be read out by the Screen Reader. Printed material like books and newspapers can now be accessed by visually impaired people.

Audio players/recorders also help the blind in recording and playing audio information. They can hear music using digital players as well.

People with low vision can use Magnifiers to increase the size of the text and read easily.

Technology is making the world more comfortable for people with visual impairments and a lot still needs to be done.

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