Young men with autism learn how to interact with cops

After a rise in shooting incidents involving people with disabilities, the Los Angeles Speech and Language Therapy Center in the United States, has teamed up with a retired police man to create a program.

Called Spectrum Shield, the program trains young men who have autism how to interact with police officials.

As people with autism get older and more independent and start living alone, chances of interactions with cops increase. To prevent violent incidents arising out of miscommunication or a misunderstanding, participants in the program are given various tips. Like they are told to raise their hands up quickly over their heads if they are driving and a policeman pulls them over.

The participants are young adults, between 19 to 23 years. People with autism often react differently to situations that cause anxiety. They might stammer, which can make them seem drunk.

The young men are given cards to carry around and trained to show them to officers quickly.

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