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Special iPads for PwD to be given in Tamil Nadu

The Commissionerate of the Welfare of the Differently Abled in Tamil Nadu will soon begin distributing special devices to all districts to help in communication through pictures and speech synthesis.

The device is an Apple iPad, which will be loaded with Avaz, a software developed by a former IIT Madras student. The market rate of each is Rs 25,000.

The application offers a series of pictures, which may be selected to express one's thoughts. Or a combination of picture selection and typing of small words through the on-screen keyboard can also be used.

For those who have lesser motor control, there is a scanning option that allows a user to press anywhere. They will get a set of narrowed-down options till the right one is reached.

Special educators are also being trained to help children with the device. There will be a training workshop where close to 130 persons will be trained.

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