Want to color your hair? Tips you should know

Coloring hair has become so much easier and trendy these days. For people who are planning to color their hair for the first time, here are a few tips.

Select a color according to your skin tone. You can experiment with different colors but they better suit your skin color as well. Browns and burgundy are most suited for Indian skin tone and are most popular.

If you are taking color ideas from a picture, you should know it will not be the same in real but a little different.

Do not use your regular shampoo after hair color and use a colour-saving shampoo and conditioner. This protects the hair and preserves the hair color.

Maintain the color with touch ups as hair grow half an inch every month.

Red shades are the hardest to maintain and fade the fastest.

Treat hair with deep conditioning and apply hair masks regularly to keep hair shiny and healthy.

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