Mom designs drone to track kids who wander

Christine Carr, the parent of a young daughter with autism, has created a video camera-equipped drone that is designed to give parents some extra help to keep an eye on their kids.

The device is called 'Nonni', a combination of a nanny and a mommy.

Nonni has a camera that transmits a video feed to a parent’s smartphone. A parent can program the drone to set limits for what is considered a safe space for the child. The drone interacts with electronic signals that set those boundaries.

Nonni monitors the child from a distance. When the child leaves the safe limits, the drone goes towards the child and uses a recorded voice message from the parent to prompt the child to go to a safe area.

People with disabilities who wander from their home or other safe area can often end up in danger, and Nonni could play a role to help prevent that.

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