This double amputee shares her challenges on Instagram

21-year-old Myra McDonald is a double amputee but that is not stopping her from living her life to the fullest.

In fact, she embraces her disability by challenging herself.

In 2015, Myra lost both of her legs after a challenge that she and her ex-boyfriend went on wrong. She climbed on top of a train parked her house, and while they were on top of one of the bogies, the train began to move.

Myra fell down and the train dragged her by the legs for a few blocks. She decided not to get the double amputation come in the way of living a typical life.

She has done a handstand, lingerie photo shoot, ridden a motorcycle and even driven a car by herself.

Myra has shared these accomplishments with her followers on Instagram to raise awareness. She has overcome her disability without professional help. She has even taught herself how to walk and move around on her right prosthetic.

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