Fun activities for a pre-school child with cerebral palsy

Preschool-age children are a lot of sun and their minds are active. When a child has cerebral palsy, the fun doesn’t need to stop.

Kids with cerebral palsy often need stimulation more than someone without it.

Here is a list of ideas that can help you have fun with a child with cerebral palsy:

Playing with toys with a variety of colors and shapes. Kids usually like bright colors and big shapes. Sometimes with cerebral palsy, brightness can make the muscles tighten up. So, have toys and pictures with a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes to try to avoid over-stimulation.

Music also is wonderful and it stimulates speech and communication. Encourage children to move with the music, like stomping their feet, clapping and dancing. They can even dance in their wheelchairs or with whatever mobility device is needed. Avoid very loud or dramatic music.

Sorting games are good for motor control. The repetitive motion of muscles helps teach the brain and muscles to work together. Have them sort colored paper clips that are colorful and big enough for them to pick up.

Working as part of a team boosts self-esteem. Rolling a ball back and forth and kicking it, and tug-of-war are some examples.

Arts and crafts are excellent for a child with cerebral palsy. Cutting, beads on a string, coloring, and painting are great for motor skills.

Water play is great fun too. Splashing, pouring cups, playing with a water table, and anything water-related are good physical and mental activities. Take your child swimming as its fun and helps strengthen muscles.

Go for walks and talk about what you see, hear, and feel. Always encourage speech and dialogue. Go to playgrounds and let your kids do whatever they can.

Use technology such as a computer or tablet with fun, age-appropriate applications.