Actor Kamal Haasan slams new GST rates

It's not just disability rights groups that are criticizing the GST (Goods and Services Tax) as unfair.

Representatives of the Tamil film industry too say the decision to impose a fixed 28% tax for cinema is a wrong move on the central government's part.

So far, Tamil Nadu has had various slabs of entertainment tax from 12% to 30%. The uniform GST of 28% will now apply across the state. This means that a single screen theatre will pay the same tax as a high-end multiplex in Chennai. Ticket rates in a Chennai multiplex could rise from Rs 120 to Rs 153.60 from 1 July.

Kamal Haasan has said that he will have to quit the industry if such a high level of taxation was allowed. He said that regional cinema cannot be put on the same level as Bollywood films as the audience for regional films outside India was limited and the industry will not be able to afford such high taxes.

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