SRK loses temper after joke goes horribly wrong

A prank played on Shah Rukh Khan seems to have gone completely wrong. A video of the Bollywood superstar stuck in a muddy pit in the deserts of Dubai has surfaced online.

In the video, a lady who is a part of a show hosted by Egyptian comedian Ramez Galal and SRK are seen trying to get out of the pit. The lady screams when their car plunges into the pit. The vehicle gradually sinks and she clings to SRK. He makes sure she is safe and that's when a dragon moves dangerously close to them.

Within a few seconds, the dragon is shown to be the Egyptian comedian Galal. This makes SRK angry and the anchor apologises to SRK for the joke. SRK almost beats up Galal for this and asks him to stay away from him.

SRK was in Dubai for a promotional event and had even posed for a picture with Galal. It is unclear if the whole incident was staged.

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