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System that translates sign language into voice

Deaf people who use signing as their primary means of communication often face challenges while talking to people who are not familiar with sign language. A startup based in Dallas, United States, has developed KinTrans, a smart technology that can translate sign language into voice and text, and voice taken to text or sign language automatically.

This allows signers and non-signers to communicate together in their own languages, effectively and immediately. It also opens up the potential for conversations between signers and speakers in the marketplace, workplace, schools and hospitals.

KinTrans' tech relies on a 3D camera which tracks the movement of a signer's hands and body when they sign out words. When requested, it can then translate the signed words into written English and Arabic. More languages will also be introduced soon.

Voice can also be translated into signed words communicated by an animated avatar on the screen. The system can recognize thousands of signed words with an accuracy of around 98%.

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