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BrailleMe makes digital information accessible to the blind

BrailleMe, an award-winning product developed by the company, Innovision, makes it possible for the visually impaired to access any digital information instantly in their own tactile script.

It's the world's first low-cost digital aid which enables the visually impaired to access digital content and devices in their own script in many languages.

It is a digital Braille assistant that is aimed at empowering the blind with digital accessibility.

It also has a major price advantage over other comparable products as it sells for just US$300 compared to competitors' price of over $3,000.

BrailleMe allows access to any information in digital Braille without paying a fortune. It can provide e-books and also Braille access to MS Office and other software. It allows access to social media and social network apps in Braille.

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