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A new Braille learning tool that holds great promise

Illiteracy in the blind community is an issue that experts have tried to address for many years. A new learning device called Read Read may finally provide a solution.

The Read Read is a Braille learning device that teaches blind and low vision people how to read Braille.

The device has been created to provide blind and low vision people with superior instruction in Braille skills. The device's letter tiles have sturdy Braille printed on metal that makes it easier for those who are starting to learn Braille to figure out each letter by touch.

The device also speaks a letter out loud when a user touches a given tile, and announces the number of dots in each Braille letter. The Read Read's tiles also feature large-print letters, which help students with low vision learn Braille. The device allows blind students to learn and practice Braille independently, and also makes them independent, which is so important for children who are blind.

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