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A blind critic reviews Rocky Handsome

A blind perspective:

Rocky Handsome starring John Abraham (Kabir Ahlawat a.k.a Rocky Handsome), Diya Chalwad (Naomi), Nathalia Kaur (Anna), Nishikant Kamat (Kevin Ferreira) and Teddy Maurya (Luke Ferreira) is a complete action movie based in Goa and is directed by Kamat himself. It is a story about the bond between Rocky and an 8-year old girl Naomi. The plot involves Naomi's drug-addicted mother Anna getting involved with Goa's drug mafia which results in her and Naomi getting kidnapped. Rocky who also has a mysterious past then fights his way to rescue Naomi and her mother. The drug mafia are led by two brothers Kevin and Luke who are cruel and do not think twice about killing people.

Even though Abraham is playing the lead role, he has very few dialogues. All the actors have tried to give their best in the movie. As a blind audience, we cannot understand the movie easily because the scenes and flashbacks change very fast. The movie should be watched for its action scenes and if you are a John Abraham fan.

A sighted perspective:

Rocky Handsome is a conventional action movie that does not try to be different. The director tries to sell the movie only based on the action scenes while the acting by the cast is average. When watching the movie with my visually impaired friend, I had to explain the many scenes because the movie was fast paced.

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