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New wearable device that helps the vision impaired

A new technology called Iris Vision is aimed at helping the visually impaired.

Iris Vision is a wearable device that allows those with low vision to see the world clearly. With a swipe of a finger, those with low vision are able to get close to the world around them.

The technology uses Samsung VR headset combined with software uploaded to a Samsung Galaxy phone. It works at different distances so it can be used to read things, look at a computer screen, look at people's faces, and watch TV, a play or a show.

Users see a bubble appear that they can make bigger or smaller. Then within the bubble, a person can zoom in or zoom back out. The image looks like a giant widescreen TV right in front of the eyes, so it works for people with different eye conditions like macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa, and diabetes related eye diseases.

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