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Colleges must be proactive with disabled students - Disability on Campus - Ajay Minocha

November 17, 2017

I did my graduation from Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru College. I am vision impaired by almost 100%. My sight started diminishing during college and I had to switch to e-text.

There was no facility to get books converted into accessible format like many universities have now.

This meant that I had to scan all the study materials on my own and convert them into e text, which was a big challenge. The other challenge was getting a writer during exams. The whole process was quite orthodox and bureaucratic. One had to go the university that the college was affiliated to for permission. The university was three hours away and to travel there each and every time for a letter was quite hard. I feel the college principal should have been given the authority to issue these letters.

It would have helped if the computer labs had suitable software like screen reading software. The colleges can be more proactive so students get to focus on their studies rather than handle logistics. The basic study material should be provided. I know providing accessible content in math is hard but at least theoretical material can be made accessible.

I want to make a special mention of the professors and staff who made up for the shortcomings by being very supportive. They did everything they could do to help me. They took time to explain concepts and gave extra copies.

About the Writer

25-year-old Ajay Minocha went on to do his MBA from IIM-Indore. He is currently based in Mumbai and works in the investment banking division of the Royal Bank of Scotland.

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