Poem by disability rights activist Jeeja Ghosh selected by United Nations

Jeeja Ghosh, who heads the department of advocacy and disability studies at the Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy in Kolkata, is one of the first to lead the movement for rights of the disabled in India.

Ms Ghosh has written a book of poems. One of the verses in the collection titled called 'River of Times' has been selected for a United Nations project.

Born with cerebral palsy, the 46-year-old never allowed it come in the way of her dreams. She has studied at Kolkata's Presidency College, Delhi University and Leeds University, and has been deeply involved in the fight to get recognition and rights for the disabled.

In 2012, Ms Ghosh was forced to get off a flight that ruled her unfit to fly alone. She took the airline to court and was awarded a compensation by the Supreme Court. The court also ordered that airlines ensure equal rights for the disabled.

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