New feature on WhatsApp helps find emojis faster

WhatsApp has added the option to search for emojis in the latest Android make. This will make it easier for users to make their conversations interesting.

WhatsApp users can find some of the emojis useful to their searches, instead of the sideways scrolling which is slow. The app has also introduced video streaming on iPhones, a feature that it has already released on Android.

Here is how the WhatsApp emoji search works. Tapping on the emoji icon will open up the emoji list, at the bottom of which is now a search icon. Click on the search icon to type for the required emoji, and WhatsApp gives suggestions based on the keyword you type.

So for instance, typing ‘hand’ will throw all hand emoji suggestions in a new bar on top and you can select which one you want to use in your chats.

The video sharing feature allows users to watch shared videos while they are being downloaded in the background. Earlier, WhatsApp users had to wait until a video gets completely downloaded to watch it depending upon the auto-download setting.

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