How to reduce work-related anxiety

Millions of workers worldwide suffer from stress and anxiety because of their working conditions and trying to achieve high dreams and expectations of doing the best for their families.

Anxiety is caused due to many reasons like serious illnesses, effects of certain medicines, personal relationship stress, financial stress, environmental stress and others.

Common symptoms of anxiety include nausea, backache, upset stomach, increased sweating, restlessness, irritability, sleep disorders, trouble concentrating and increased heart rate.

Anxiety can affect your work life in different ways. For example, people with generalised anxiety disorder can suffer from lots of frustration and stress at work. For people with social anxiety, participating in a team actively or giving a presentation in front of many people can be a huge problem. For people with post-traumatic stress disorder, getting used to new working environments can be difficult.

Here are some ways to reduce work-related anxiety in our life.

Keep a well-organised schedule. It means make a list of work-related tasks and write the time you will require to complete each task. This will help to reduce your worry related to work.

Exercise regularly as it is the best method for lowering anxiety conditions. It also helps to feel fresh and active and concentrate properly on your daily activities.

Take enough time to enjoy your hobbies like painting, music, dance, cooking, gardening and others. Talk to your friends and go for a trip atleast once in a month.

Avoid coffee, energy drinks, cigarettes, coke, tea and other drinks before you go to sleep as you may become alert and find difficulty in sleeping. Give enough rest to your body to keep your mental health undamaged.

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