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Bengaluru school uses Lego to help kids with learning disabilities

July 4, 2017

Ankura Foundation, an inclusive pre-school in Bengaluru, that has students with learning disabilities has started a Lego Club that is helping children who have learning disability and social difficulties.

The Lego Club was started in collaboration with Toylet, a toy company. The Club has six children with learning disabilities between the ages of 5 and 7 years. The Club claims to be the first in Karnataka to use Lego for children with learning disabilities.

Experts say that Lego therapy works because it takes the adult out of the picture and allows for children to take the initiative and break out of their shells. The kids are put in groups of three, where one child takes the role of the 'engineer', another becomes the 'builder' and puts the Lego structure together, and the third one is the 'supplier', or the one who finds the right pieces to use.

This means they have to interact with one another and it helps in physical and motor development, speech and communication, socialization, emotional development and creativity and imagination.

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