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Disabled students need care & support - Disability on Campus by Rajeev Saha

November 11, 2017

I graduated from St Xavier's in Kolkata in 2015 and my experience is that there was just not enough awareness about facilities for the disabled.

I have low vision and I was given extra time but there was always a reluctance to grant it. I always felt like I was asking for favours and it was a struggle.

The teachers there were not cooperative either so when I needed extra help after classes, they were not helpful. I struggled in school as well as I had no idea that my problem was so bad. I used to think I was stupid and never talk to anyone. It was only in class 12 that I got to know my vision was so poor. I somehow managed to finish school with tuitions.

I wish teachers, both at the school and college level were more supportive and acknowledge the needs of disabled students. They have to be treated with extra care and support. I also wish there were ramps or inclined planks for students with locomotor problems.

About the Writer

Rajeev Saha has recently given his chartered accountancy exams and is working in the forex department of State Bank of India, Kolkata.

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