First commercial exoskeleton for kids with disabilities developed

A child with cerebral palsy in Delhi has inspired the creation of the first commercial exoskeleton for children with disabilities.

The creators are two young Indo-Canadian engineers, Manmeet Maggu and Rahul Udasi, who first met as students. They have now set up a start-up called Trexo Robotics to commercially manufacture the exoskeleton.

Maggu was influenced by the film Iron Man, and wanted to build an upper body exoskeleton as a side project during his years in college. But when his brother's son in Delhi was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, a disease that greatly impairs motor function, he decided to get serious.

The legs of the exoskeleton is powered by batteries and this makes it easier for the child to walk. Disabled children get tired easily and develop an awkward walk and this is something the device wants to fix. The device will also allow such children to enjoy walking outdoors, which is difficult with walkers.

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