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Teenager creates app to help blind identify objects with phones

A 17-year-old boy from Canada has created an app called iDentifi to help the blind identify objects and texts with their phones.

The app is free and it uses artificial intelligence and the camera's phone to tell the user what's in the photos they take.

The creator is Anmol Tukrel, who was inspired by the time he spent volunteering in India to help those who are blind. Throughout his childhood, Anmol volunteered at an eye institute with his family in India.

The app claims to have 15,000 users in 96 countries, and has analyzed about 200,000 objects. It can read and translate texts in 27 languages, and can recognize and differentiate between different brands.

iDentifi has been received positively by users and has earned Anmol many awards. He aims to improve iDentifi by adding more features and improving the user experience, such as using different colours and increasing contrast in the app's interface so that people with low vision can use it better.

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