How to use social media to find the right job

Social media or social networking websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and even blog writing have made it easy to find a new job in a faster and effective way than ever before.

Here are some things you can do on social media today to show your skills and value to your future employer and find a new job.

Create interesting professional profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn that include your job history and important achievements.

Connect with other people in your industry or profession. LinkedIn groups are useful to find active groups in your industry and introduce yourself to the other members.

Follow companies related to your profession / field on LinkedIn and Twitter so that you can get automatic updates about new job openings, product developments and other news.

Use free services like Weebly, Blogger, Wordpress to share your resume and past projects. You can also use these websites to write blog posts regularly that can display your knowledge and experience on a topic and show strong writing skills.

Creating a channel on YouTube to teach a skill and learn a skill is also a good option. You can also create infographics or sketch notes on Instagram that people can use and help you get more visibility and possibly followers.

Check for typos and grammatical errors and remove any information that may discourage an employer from hiring you. Keep your social profiles updated always as it is essential to communicate the right message to your followers and future employers.

Good luck with your job search!

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