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Empowering parents is key to managing childhood disorders - My Take by Dr Neeta Naik

July 17, 2017

EN1 Neuro Services Pvt. Ltd was started in November 2015 to offer a combined, evidence-based and complete services in pediatric and adolescent neurology under one roof. The center offers the entire range of diagnostic and therapeutic outpatient facilities in neurology, neurosciences, neurophysiology, occupational, physio and speech therapy, clinical and counseling psychology, as well as special and remedial education for children with neurological and neurodevelopmental disorders.

The company recently launched its second center in Masina Hospital at Byculla. The purpose is to make care affordable, integrated and organized. Both centers boast team of expert neurologists, geneticist, occupational and speech therapists and clinical, counseling, developmental and rehabilitation psychologists.

The center caters to children with epilepsy, migraine, developmental delays, autism spectrum and other communication disorders, cerebral palsy, ADHD, and learning disorders.

Most neurological disorders in children are chronic, needing long-term care. In some disorders like autism and cerebral palsy, the journey is long and exhaustive for the family. The journey is worse when the services are scattered. By offering experience and expertise at an affordable cost, we hope to help the family.

We believe that empowering parents can be one of the key strategies in managing any disorder. We make them understand the disease, thereby reducing their anxieties. We enable them with strategies to participate in the care and handle additional responsibilities. We also help them to manage expectations about the disease outcome.

An empowered parent helps to improve the overall prognosis. Competent and experienced experts, and rational, empowered and participative parents can bring about the best possible outcome.

About the Writer

Dr Neeta Naik is the founder of EN1 Neuro Services Pvt. Ltd. She has spent 30 years in the field of pediatrics, pediatric neurology and neurosciences.

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