Deaf Tripura boy's paintings win top awards

14-year-old Pankaj Roy lets his paintings say what he cannot express in words. His paintings won him the top prize in a nationwide contest conducted by the Indian Council for Child Welfare in 2014.

Pankaj was three years old when his parents found out that he was deaf. His doctors advised a cochlear implant in Chennai but his parents could not afford it.

Pankaj picked up a pencil at the age of six to copy the picture of a farmer ploughing his field. Gradually he became familiar with English alphabets from signboards and nameplates.

His parents admitted him in a school for the speech and hearing impaired. Besides painting, Pankaj was found to be good at academics and sports like cricket, table tennis and badminton. He also took part in badminton at a national sports event for the deaf.

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