College life made me aware of my rights - Disability on Campus by Neha Wadhwa

I did my graduate and postgraduate degrees in the Delhi University. I have locomotor disability, and I have a permanent condition of impairment related to the right side limb. I also have weakness in my hand nerves so my pace of writing is slower as compared to my classmates. So my college offered me extra time to complete my paper during the exams.

As I don’t require support for my mobility it was not hard to attend college. But I must add that both the colleges I attended are not fully accessible to people with all disabilities.

A senior at Jesus and Mary College faced certain mobility issues as our classes were on the third floor and there was no lift and it was hard for her to climb the stairs. Even during my Masters at the Central Institute of Education, there are no lifts or ramps or staff members who know Braille or sign language.

On the whole, I felt satisfied being in DU as it is sensitized and accessible in terms of its resources, teachers, and the opportunities given to the disabled for growth and development. There are many talks and workshops to make the disabled aware of their rights and create sensitivity about inclusion. The university has also exempted the fees of students with disabilities to promote education.

There is a need to make the infrastructure and reading material accessible by focusing on principles of universal design. There is also a need to invest in Braille readers, scribes and other technologically advanced equipment.

About the Writer

Neha Wadhwa is 24 years old and has just completed her Masters degree in Education from the Central Institute of Education, Delhi University.

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