New app DekhoSeekho to improve skills of domestic workers

DekhoSeekho Worker is a new app started by Gauri Singh’s The Maids Company. It offers over 400 educational videos to improve the cooking, housekeeping and soft skills of domestic workers in India.

The app is free to download and available on Google Play Store. It provides an easy access for maids, nannies, cooks or helpers to get trained in different skills to increase their income and work with respect.

The app has been made keeping in mind the low literacy levels of the workers. It has a voice assist and supports English and Hindi languages so that workers can use it easily.

There is one more app called DekhoSeekho Manager which helps the employer leave voice instructions for the worker which gets automatically delivered to the worker on DekhoSeekho Worker app. The idea is to avoid misunderstandings and make communication problem-free between the employer and worker.

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