How to find a job in a new location

Moving to a new city to pursue your dream career or relocating for other reasons can be tough as well as provide unique experiences. Here are some ways to get a job at a new place.

Check with your current employer and see if he can transfer you to the other or regional office in a different city.

If your company doesn’t have an office in the area / city you are searching for, check for other companies locally that often moves or transfers people to other offices.

Find HR or recruiters who are active in your target location and may be interested in your resume / profile.

You need to convince the recruiter or future employer about what makes you special that you should be given job over someone who is already settled or lives in another location.

Search your current network for contacts who can help you understand the local culture of the target area.

Update on social media profiles like Facebook, LinkedIn that you are moving to a new location for a job as it may help you to connect with more local people.

In case you don’t get a full-time or permanent position in the new location, then try finding a temporary or part-time job to take care of your relocation and living expenses.

All the best in your job search!

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