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Aviation Ministry directed to provide ramps for disabled at aircraft

July 19, 2017

Union minister Thawar Chand Gehlot has requested the Civil Aviation Ministry to provide ramp facility at the door of aircraft for the convenience of disabled passengers.

Gehlot said that people with disabilities find it hard to board aircraft at places where the aerobridge facility is not available.

In such places, people in wheelchairs have to be physically lifted and taken up the flight of steps leading to the aircraft. This is both an uncomfortable and a humiliating experience.

Gehlot said that some airlines provide a ramp facility instead of staircase, and this was a more convenient and dignified way of providing access to the aircraft. He has asked the ministry to order all airlines to make sure ramps are made available for at least one door of every aircraft.

As a part of the Accessible India Campaign, airports in the country are also to be made accessible for the disabled.

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