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MobileEars, the mobile app for the deaf

In India, three out of every 40 people suffer from a disabling hearing loss. Over 68% of them can benefit from using a hearing aid but less than 3% of them are likely to have one.

This is because hearing aids are not easily available and the cost of diagnosis is high.

Now there is a free app-based solution for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. The app is called MobileEars and it makes the sound loud and clear during a one-on-one or group conversation.

The MobileEars app uses a unique speech amplification technology and is effective even when there is background noise and a large number of people in the room.

You can download the MobileEars app from the iTunes App Store. Open the app and enter the user's age and gender, so that the app can customise the listeners' experience. Plug in earphones and move the button on the slider to personalize the sound. The smartphone can be placed on the table or in front of the users.

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