Disability is no barrier, proves successful tailor in Haryana

45-year-old Madan Lal from Haryana has shown that disability is not a barrier in pursuing a career as a successful professional tailor.

Lal, who was born without arms, has been sewing garments in a shop at his village. He faced many challenges, and was laughed at and rejected for his disability. People said that he could not make clothes without arms or run a stitching machine. When he went for training, he was sent back.

Thanks to his grandparents who took care of him, he was forced into doing odd jobs at home like any abled person. A tailor finally trained him in his village who was impressed with his ability and determination.

Today Lal has his own shop where he does everything, from measuring to cutting the cloth all with only his toes. He has become a local hero.

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