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Robotic device helps cerebral palsy kids improve posture

Kids with cerebral palsy show abnormal posture and walking patterns that leads to their joints wearing out over time.

Some of the problems they face are slow walking speed, limited range of motion of the joints, small steps and an absence of a heel strike.

A team at Columbia Engineering in the United States has developed a robotic training method that improves posture and walking in children with cerebral palsy by improving their muscle strength and coordination.

The robotic device strengthens the soleus, a muscle that runs from just below the knee to the heel, and plays an important role in preventing knee collapse when the foot is on the ground. The soleus muscle is very important for standing and walking, and helps the body move forward.

The device is a wearable, lightweight cable-driven robot that can be programmed to provide a push on the pelvis in the desired direction.

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