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Kerala to help frame national guidelines in emergency training for disabled

July 29, 2017

In 2016, Kerala became the first state in India to launch a disaster preparedness-training program for the disabled.

Now the National Disaster Management Authority, which is framing guidelines for training people with disabilities on survival skills during natural disasters and other emergency situations, has asked Kerala for help.

Kerala will soon launch district-level training program for the disabled in the state. Around 200 disabled people from each district will be covered under this.

They have been categorized into four broad groups - visually impaired, speech and hearing impaired, physically impaired and intellectually impaired. 50 people under each category in a district will be trained.

In the case of the blind, the material has been reprinted in Braille and for the speech and hearing impaired, sign language-based training materials have been prepared.

The materials have been converted into the DAISY format so that the blind can share the materials among WhatsApp groups and other platforms. In the case of the intellectually disabled, their caregivers will be trained.

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