More IT companies are opening doors to the disabled

More and more big companies, including those from the information technology sector, are employing the disabled.

At the moment, less than 1% of the total 39 lakh-strong workforce in the IT sector is made up of people with disabilities, but this is gradually changing.

Cisco has started a training program for a batch of 20 PwDs in association with EnAble India under its new ‘Project LifeChanger’. Its workers in an innovation challenge suggested the idea. Batches of 20 people are trained with EnAble India for six months. They were placed in coding, global delivery services, human resource, and IT support.

J.P. Morgan has made its workplace more accessible infrastructure-wise and by sensitizing employees. It has also started hiring people in the autism spectrum disorder in roles for application and software development, quality analysis, and business analysis.

Accenture has given skills training to nearly 20,000 disabled since 2010, an ‘accessibility council’, easily available assistive technology, and an ‘Ability Unleashed’ program that helps the disabled who are managers and assistant managers to get promoted to senior positions.

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