What not to do on your office computer?

Searching the internet for information is something we all do.

However, when using work computer, we should be alert about the topics we search for. Employers can track almost everything we do on an office computer.

Here is a list of things to avoid doing on your work computer.

Looking for porn or inappropriate websites should be completely avoided on office computers. It can cause a loss of job and a lot of embarrassment.

Do not surf websites that are related to your side business or another job that you do.

If you are looking for job, avoid browsing job search sites like monster.com, naukri.com as your boss will find out about it.

Also, avoid going on dating websites while at work.

Avoid downloading huge files on the company’s network that can take hours.

Do not go on websites like Simply Confess to vent about your company, boss or colleagues.

Do not visit websites for personal use very often. Looking for vacation destinations or shopping websites is very unprofessional.

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