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Wristband helps the blind move around with sonar technology

People who are vision impaired find it hard to travel independently. Sunu, a new brand that is developing technology to help the blind, is trying to provide more independence with a sonar wristband that informs the wearer of obstacles in their way.

The Sunu Band is currently being used in schools for the blind in Mexico and prescribed in eye clinics in Massachusetts. The wristband aims sound waves from the wrist to provide vibratory feedback to indicate the distance, hardness and size of objects, and other information that is useful for moving around.

Sunu allows users to feel their surroundings through their wrist. They can then adjust the range, sensitivity and feedback of the device through an app. The device can find doorways and indicate how far away the user is from other people to help move through crowded spaces.

Sunu uses ultrasound technologies to enable people to travel by sonar.

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