Chennai traffic signals to become disabled-friendly

Crossing Indian roads, especially during peak hour traffic is a nightmare for people with disabilities.

Now the disabled in Chennai can hope for a safer experience on some roads because the Chennai traffic police has installed auditory or talking traffic signals to make them more friendly for the disabled.

These signals have been set up at 10 crowded locations across the city, including Secretariat, Dr Besant Memorial and Ramapuram. The signals make an announcement when the zebra crossing is open and closed. This way blind pedestrians can cross the road without worrying for their lives.

There are plans to put up 150 such traffic signals in Chennai. The department for the differently-abled in the state is provided Rs 75 lakh for the project's implementation. The system consists of a yellow box fixed to a traffic signal that announces ‘zebra crossing is open’ when the light turns red for vehicles. The speaker then announces a countdown from 10, at the end of which comes the announcement - ‘zebra crossing is closed’. The signal then turns green.

The signal is most useful during the morning and evening peak hours and during weekends. Now the blind no longer have to wait for someone to come and help them cross the road.

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