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Challenges faced by travelers with disabilities

August 13, 2017

Travelling is the best way to learn about our world and surroundings. However, it is not always easy to travel everywhere for people with disabilities.

Here are a few challenges faced by the disabled when they travel.

Getting the right bag or backpack to carry your stuff is the first challenge. The bag needs to be big enough for all the stuff and yet should be easily manageable. A bag with wheels would be the right choice.

Finding places to stay that are wheelchair-friendly and also suitable for other disabilities as well. It is better to find info about hotels before the trip starts.

Carrying stuff can become an issue for people with one working limb.

Disabled friendly activities can be too easy and make the PwDs feel uncomfortable and underestimated.

Getting to know fellow travelers and doing stuff with them can be tough for disabled travelers.

Trying out the food at a new place may not always be an option for disabled people.

Despite the challenges, there are lot of good things that can be considered. Checking out new places is cool and should be tried.

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