Deaf nutrition coach fights for accessibility in fitness industry

India Morse is a fitness blogger and nutritional coach who was born deaf, and is using her online fame to try and make the fitness industry more accessible to people with similar disabilities.

India first got into nutrition and fitness as a way of getting over a relationship breaking up. She decided to focus on nutrition and fitness as she found it to be very therapeutic.

She decided to help inspire others too but found the fitness industry to be inaccessible to the deaf who are not able to hear the beats of the music.

A lot of fitness studios are also dark which makes it very difficult to able to lip read the trainer. She says that while many trainers use microphones, that doesn’t help people who aren’t able to hear at all.

She has a TV mounted on the front wall of the studio which gives a station-by-station diagram for each daily workout. This helps the members progress from exercise station-to-station throughout the workout.

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