5 most selling Smartphones in the world

Have you ever thought about the most popular smartphones in the world? Well here are the top five highest selling phones in the world currently. iPhone 7 from Apple is at the top of the most popular smartphones. The phone has sold around 21.5 million units worldwide in 2017 so far. Number two position is taken by iPhone 7 Plus which is a variant of iPhone 7 and has a bigger screen. Oppo R9s Smartphone is on the third place and has sold about 8.9 million units across the world. On the fourth place is Samsung Galaxy J3 that was launched in India in May 2016. The phone has sold around 6.1 million units till date across the world. Samsung smartphone, Samsung Galaxy J5 is the fifth most bought Smartphone in the world and has 5 million units sold since its launch in May 2016.

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