How to communicate with your boss from remote office

Working from home or outside an office needs a lot of focus and time management skills. Here are some good tips to develop a good communication with your boss if you are working remotely from the main office.

Have a weekly call or Skype video call with your boss for about 30 minutes to 45 minutes about the tasks completed in the current week and tasks that you have planned for the next week.

Make sure to prepare daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly work reports. Check with your boss if he or she prefers to read reports with a lot of details or only email summaries with important targets achieved. Also, make sure that you prepare and submit the reports on time.

Find your targets, prepare a project list and work schedule. A simple task schedule, which includes task title, description, timing, timeline and work process can be of help. Share the plans and schedules on a timely basis with your boss and team members to get proper feedback.

Communicate and keep your boss or manager informed about the problems you face (if any) as they come and ask for help from your team members when needed.

Understand the company’s goals and work towards your targets and maintaining a good relationship with your boss to achieve career growth.

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