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How to support employees with disabilities

Like every employee, even employees with disabilities can be a great asset to the organisation if they are given the chance to develop their skills.

Companies that recruit employees with disabilities need to adopt inclusion practices and provide accessibility for employees with disabilities to help them perform their best at the workplace.

Here are some simple tips for employers to support disabled people at work.

Focus on the abilities of the employee with disability, instead of their disabilities or limitations.

Don't undervalue or overvalue a disabled employee's skills and most importantly don't make unspoken assumptions about your employees with disabilities.

Make sure to communicate regularly with employees with disabilities to understand who they are, what skills they have and what problems they may face while doing the task or job.

Guide them if they don't know or are unable to do a task or project. Communicate clearly to help them understand their work responsibilities and your expectations.

Keep the communication open, relaxed and be respectful in your conversations. Do not allow fear and stigma get in the way of developing positive relationships with disabled employees.

Create a friendly work environment where disabled employees are encouraged to ask for help or ask questions or share their feedback.

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