Here's how to migrate PAN while shifting to new place

Permanent Account Number (PAN) is issued by the income tax department to a person to use it to link his financial transactions like tax payments, income tax returns and others.

If you are shifting to another state, it is important to get the PAN card shifted to the new Assessing Officer (AO) for proper income tax return filing.

Here are the important steps to get your PAN ID migrated while shifting to new residence.

File to the current AO about the request of PAN transfer. The transfer request has to be entered by the new AO (place of transfer).

Check the official income tax website and get the post and contact number of the officers given in the ‘Field Offices’ column.

Once the new AO allows the transfer request, PAN transfer request will reach to the Commissioner of Income Tax for confirmation.

Visit the income tax website and go to ‘Know your Jurisdictional AO’ column.

Verify the current status of PAN on the income tax department’s Aaykar Setu app.

Open the app on your mobile and click on ‘Got a problem’ option on the front page.

Click on the PAN migration option and find all the required details about the PAN.

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