Delhi High Court rules in support of dyslexic student seeking to study medicine

The Delhi High Court has granted temporary relief to a learning-disabled dyslexic student who wants to join an MBBS course. The student, Devrat Purang, was denied a chance to sit for the counselling, which goes against the Disability Act, 2017.

Devrat can now sit for the counselling, after his documents are verified. This is after he filed a petition seeking reservation in government institutes of higher education for persons with such disabilities.

The court said that the order will apply to all students seeking admission under the Physically Handicapped category.

Devrat's lawyer had argued that while changing the rules titled 'Regulations on Graduate Medical Education, 1997', only physically handicapped persons suffering from locomotor disability of lower limbs was recognized. All other disabilities were not.

Purang, who is dyslexic, had filled the form under the General category as there was no other category available for him. He had scored 45.83 percentile and was entitled to the same criterion as the physically handicapped persons. He, however, could not register himself in the PH category.

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